No need to be any more complicated than this – below is a list of stocks and laminates that you can and cannot embellish on.

You can now embellish on each of the stocks listed below:

  • 280gsm Knight hammered
  • 300gsm Nature Touch Class White
  • 300gsm Tinteretto Touch Class Gesso
  • 320gsm Rives Traditional Pale Cream
  • 324gsm Neenah Classic Columns Solar White
  • 352gsm Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultra White
  • 352gsm Neenah Classic Linen
  • 352gsm Neenah Stipple Bare White
  • 360gsm Stephen Chilled White
  • 360gsm Stephen Limestone
  • 360gsm Stephen White Gesso
  • 380gsm Curious Matter Goya
  • 380gsm Extract Aqua
  • 380gsm Extract Moon
  • 380gsm Extract Shell
  • 400gsm Conqueror Laid Brilliant White
  • 432gsm Strathmore Super Smooth
  • 470gsm Splendorgel Extra White

The following are Luxury Stocks that definitely cannot be embellished with Foil or Varnish:

  • 300gsm Gmund 100% Cotton Max White
  • 332gsm Buffalo Board
  • 360gsm Stephen Clay
  • 360gsm Stephen Verdigis Green
  • 380gsm Extract Coral
  • 380gsm Extract Ember
  • 380gsm Extract Mustard
  • 400gsm Yupo Offset Extra

Happy embellishing!

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