What is a dieline?

A dieline serves as a template that ensures proper layout for a printed product. It is a diagram that shows all the cut lines and folds in a flattened form. They are also used for envelopes, pocket folders and more. There are a few steps toward creating proper, accurate die lines for items such as
Presentation Folders or Packaging. Below will guide you through this process.

How to setup a ‘Dieline’

  • Create a new Swatch colour,
    a. Click the menu within the swatches palette,
    b. Click ‘New Swatch…”
  • Set the Swatch Name to ‘Dieline’,
    a. Set the Colour Type to Spot Colour
    b. Set the Colour Mode to CMYK
    c. Set Cyan (C), Yellow (Y) & Black (K) to 0% and Magenta (M) to 100%
    d. Click OK
  • This colour will now appear in the swatch palette.
  • Add the ‘Dieline’ Spot Colour as a stroke to what you would like to be cut out
  • NOTE: A dieline should be a stroke, it should not be outlined/expanded
  • The colour window will display “Dieline” at 100%.
  • Once you have set paths you would like to be cut to the ‘Dieline’ Spot Colour, open ‘Attributes’, which is under the Window menu
  • Finally, create a new Layer called “Dielines” and move the dieline objects into it

Important Note:

A cut line is solid, a crease/fold line should be a dashed line (see below)

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